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Host / Creator

Hailing from sunny Los Angeles, Ca, Magz, Mahoganie Speed is the Creative Director/ Chief of the Unicorn Division, Ringleader of Genius Concepts, Host of the award winning WolfPussy Monologues Podcast and a Professional Purchaser. Her passions and goals include World Peace, Comedic Entertainment and World Domination thru laughter. “Magz” is skilled in ganjapreneurism, podcasting, painting, writing and has been awarded the 2021 Wigginnoutradio Award Show Best Live Award info by a nominee and Best Podcast Promotion. She also dabbles as an hfx trader. Ms. Speed’s education stems from an Assoc in Science, Bachelor’s in bullshit and a PhD in talking shit, oddly enough she has 12 years in the private sector which shows a sense of discipline.


The podcasting sector is extremely saturated. Every day there’s 1000 more than before, but much like assholes, everyone has a voice to be heard. WolfPussy Monologues represent three core values: LOVE- self-love, spread love, receive love. LIVE- Live your BEST LIFE no matter what. LAUGH- it's therapeutic. Each Saturday, join Magz, the Creative Director/ Chief of the Unicorn Division, Ringleader of Genius Concepts and host of the award winning WolfPussy Monologues Podcast. This show is for my fellow shit talkers and spit swallowers. Our content forces you to take a different outlook on different aspects of life that are often overlooked. Here at the Wolf Den, where no fucks are given, you can expect to receive a pussy poppin, dick slappin, jaw jackin honest good time with new episodes and fresh interviews for your listening and viewing pleasure.

Since our Introductory episode on Dec 19, 2020, WolfPussy Monologues Podcast has strived to maintain consistent dedication for all your wolfpussy therapy needs. Broadcasting from our private studio in lovely southern Ca., we have a weekly release format, from entertaining content and awesome live interviews with fabulous individuals. Our hard work and dedication have been recognized with coverage in the 2021 Wigginnoutradio Hip Hop & Indie Awards.  WolfPussy Monologues was awarded the 2021 Wigginnoutradio Westcoast Popular Local Podcast Award. In addition, Magz was also awarded 2021 Wigginnoutradio Award Show "Best Live Award info by a nominee" and "Best Podcast Promotion". When you hear the phrase "wolf pussy" many things come to mind. It's a song, it's a team, it's a feeling. Wolf Pussy represents pussy power, control, animal magnetic attraction, comedy and impulsive good time rhetoric here for our pleasure.

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